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JBTM 13-2 Fall 2016

Editorial Introduction (JBTM 13.2)
by Adam Harwood and Dennis Phelps

Hearing God's Voice: A Practical Theology for Expository Preaching
by Jim Shaddix
Hebrew Historical Narrative: Suggestions on How to Use it in Christian Proclamation
by Robert Bergen
Sermon: The Story of Hannah's Pain — 1 Samuel 1:1–20
by Robert Bergen
Interpreting Hebrew Poetry
by Jeffrey G. Audirsch
Sermon: Psalm 23
by Jeffrey G. Audirsch
"That They May All Fear Me": Interpreting and Preaching Hebrew Wisdom
by Daniel I. Block
Sermon: "A Lizard in the King's Palace"—Proverbs 20:24–28
by Daniel I. Block
Preaching the Prophets
by Paul Wegner
Sermon: "Confident Faith in Uncertain Times"—Habakkuk
by Paul Wegner

1 Peter. By Greg W. Forbes.
by Samuel R. Pelletier
2 Corinthians. By Ralph P. Martin.
by James R. McConnell
Adam, The Fall, and Original Sin: Theological, Biblical, and Scientific Perspectives. Edited by Hans Madueme and Michael Reeves.
by Adam Harwood
Advances in the Study of Greek: New Insights for Reading the New Testament. By Constantine R. Campbell.
by David Champagne
American Exceptionalism and Civil Religion: Reassessing the History of an Idea. By John D. Wilsey.
by Paul A. Sanchez
Arminian and Baptist: Explorations in a Theological Tradition. By J. Matthew Pinson.
by Robert Littlefield
Baptist Foundations: Church Government for an Anti-Institutional Age. Edited by Mark Dever and Jonathan Leeman.
by David Mark Rathel
The Baptist Story: From English Sect to Global Movement. By Anthony L. Chute, Nathan A. Finn, and Michael A. G. Haykin.
by Joseph Early Jr.
Baptists in America: A History. By Thomas Kidd and Barry Hankins.
by Joseph Early Jr.
Beginning Biblical Hebrew: A Grammar and Illustrated Reader. By John A. Cook and Robert D. Holmstedt.
by Todd Borger
The Chosen People: Election, Paul and Second Temple Judaism. By A. Chadwick Thornhill.
by Craig Price
Christian Bioethics: A Guide for Pastors, Health Care Professionals, and Families. By C. Ben Mitchell and D. Joy Riley.
by Ryan A. Neal
Christian Faith: Dogmatics in Outline. By Brian A. Gerrish.
by Luis Munoz Bueno
The Community of Jesus: A Theology of the Church. Edited by Kendell H. Easley & Christopher W. Morgan.
by Carl Sanders
Convictional Civility: Engaging the Culture in the 21st Century, Essays in Honor of David S. Dockery. Edited by C. Ben Mitchell, Carla D. Sanderson, and Gregory Alan Thornbury.
by Randy Ridenour
Dispensationalism and the History of Redemption: A Developing and Diverse Tradition. Edited by D. Jeffrey Bingham and Glenn R. Kreider.
by Kenneth J. Reid
Evidence for the Rapture: A Biblical Case for Pretribulationism. Edited by John F. Hart.
by Randolph Rogers
Fortress Commentary on the Bible: The New Testament. Edited by Margaret Aymer, Cynthia Briggs Kittredge, and David A. Sánchez.
by Andrea L. Robinson
Fortress Commentary on the Bible: The Old Testament and Apocrypha. Edited by Gale A. Yee, Hugh R. Page Jr., and Matthew J. M. Coomber.
by Andrea L. Robinson
Going Public: Why Baptism Is Required for Church Membership. By Bobby Jamieson.
by Dustin Turner
Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry: A Practical Guide. Edited by Cameron Cole and Jon Nielson.
by Christopher Talbot
Illustrated Bible Survey: An Introduction. By Edward E. Hindson and Elmer L. Towns.
by Gary E. Blackwell
Invitation to Philippians: Building a Great Church through Humility. By Donald R. Sunukjian.
by Gregory E. Lamb
John. By Murray J. Harris. Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament.
by Gregory E. Lamb
The Messiah of Peace: A Performance-Criticism Commentary on Mark's Passion-Resurrection Narrative. By Thomas E. Boomershine.
by Mark D. Cooper
NIV Zondervan Study Bible. Edited by D. A. Carson.
by Jerry N. Barlow
The Pastor's Ministry. Biblical Priorities for Faithful Shepherds. By Brian Croft.
by Tim Tew
Persuasive Preaching: A Biblical and Practical Guide to the Effective Use of Persuasion. By R. Larry Overstreet.
by James B. Law
Prevenient Grace: God's Provision for Fallen Humanity. By W. Brian Shelton.
by Adam Harwood
Reading Backwards: Figural Christology and the Fourfold Gospel Witness. By Richard B. Hays.
by Cory Barnes
Systematic Theology. By Anthony C. Thiselton.
by Andrew Hollingsworth
A Theology of Mark's Gospel: Good News about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God. By David E. Garland.
by Ivan Parke
The Work of Theology. By Stanley Hauerwas.
by Andrew Hollingsworth
People To Be Loved: Why Homosexuality Is Not Just An Issue. By Preston Sprinkle.
by J. Alan Branch
Living In A Gray World: A Christian Teen's Guide to Understanding Homosexuality. By Preston Sprinkle
by J. Alan Branch